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Regular small group support | Easy access at home with Zoom | Convenience - after hours or daytime | practical advice | tried and tested resources and suggestions | 20 years experience | expanding resource library | limited group size [5 max] | Receive regular ongoing support from Kathryn Thorburn | School Executive Prep - 12 | Speech Pathologist | SPELDNSW Tutor | Consultant Teacher [Learning Difficulties Australia] | Effective Change Management | Evidence based Literacy instruction | MSPA | CPSP | NESA Accredited Teacher - Proficient | Suitable for Classroom Teachers | Learning Support Staff | Literacy Leaders| School Executive Staff | Speech Pathologists working with school age language based learning difficulties & literacy Professionally Well Established | Early Career | Stepping into a New Role | All levels of experience catered for

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With only 5 places in each group you need to act quickly. All participants receive complimentary access to the Language and Learning library of webinars and other resources

‘The best combination is a knowledgeable teacher [or SLP], with a really well designed program who receives enough mentoring and support to implement that program with fidelity and flexibility so that individual student needs are met’ Louisa Moats [co-author of LETRS - Language Essentials for Teaching Reading and Spelling]